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Our Farms

Apiti Heights

Manager: Leah Savage

Leah re-joined HFGL in 2018 as the Manager, having previously worked on Te Marama. Leah has really enjoyed the challenges that come with the position. The location has its own little challenges with being secluded but Leah loves Apiti Heights and wouldn’t be anywhere else as she can still see home (Mt Taranaki). It’s a beautiful place to be.


Manager: Andrew Toulmin

Originally from the Central Hawkes Bay, Andrew joined HFGL in 2018 as the Farm Manager at Toanui Farm and moved to Grandbend in January 2019 to move to a bigger operation.

Andrew, his wife Renee and their family have enjoyed the move to Apiti.  Andrew enjoys hunting when time allows.


Manager: Adrian Waugh

Adrian has been with HFGL for 5 years, starting as a Dairy Assistant, Assistant Manager and promoted to Farm Manager in 2018 and awarded the Assistant Manager of the Year in 2018 at our annual Awards Dinner.

Adrian enjoys hunting and fishing  in his spare time

Te Marama

Manager: John Oliver

John Oliver has joined Hopkins Farming Group in 2019 and has been dairy farming for more than 20 years.  John like to keep fit and active and I spends his free time mountain biking, road cycling and motorcycling.


Manager: Angela Strawbridge

Angela managed the family Dairy farm for 17 years before moving over to the Manawatu 5 years ago and joined HFGL IN 2018.
In 2018 Angela won the Manager of the year at the Manawatu Dairy Industry Awards,  Angela is a  Regional leader for the Dairy Woman’s Network for Manawatu. Angela enjoys networking and teaching others about our industry, looking after the cows and suppling a quality food product.


Manager: Shawn Southee 

Waihora farm is located in the Opiki, Manawatu. Only a short drive from Palmerston North & 20 minutes from Himatangi beach. The local primary school is only 5 minutes from the farm. We target 400,000 kg/MS on 340 ha, peak milking 1,000 cows. Calving is split with 300 cows calving in the autumn to reach the winter quota. We have modern infrastructure with calf sheds, feed pad and feed bunkers. We have a well-established team that has worked together for a long time; Manager, Assistant Manager & 3 Farm Assistants. Waihora Farm was the winner of the annual Hopkins Farming Group award “John Hopkins Supreme Farm Award 2016”. This is awarded to the farm that has the highest return on capital for the season. The team have also taken out some of the annual awards with 2014 & 2016 Assistant Manager of the year and 2015 John Todd Farm Assistant of the year. “I love the quick milking’s in the summer after the autumn cows are dry so we have plenty of time for the beach.”


Manager: Michael Le Marquand 

Tollbridge farm boarders the Manawatu river in the Opiki area and offers tranquil scenery including the old Opiki toll bridge, which is where the farm gets it’s name from. The river also poses a flooding challenge with 100 ha in the Opiki spillway, I have spent many hours after work winding down with a fishing rod at the river. On a clear day if you look north there are views of Mt Ruapehu. We are a 13 min drive from Palmerston Norths Square (city center). Milking 650 cows on 222 ha targeting 235,000 milk solids. We have split calving with 200 winter milkers. 100 ha is irrigated with K-lines to improve summer production, along with summer crop. Our team consists of 3 full time staff, as well as a calf rearer and relief milkers in the peak times. Our main focuses are on animal health and growing quality pasture. The team vision on Tollbridge is to improve the farm for future teams and generations through sustainable practices.


Manager: Andrew Farrell

Blythe is situated on Campbell Road in Opiki. It consists of top quality soils that once grew potato crops and is supported by center pivot irrigators. We have an older style 44 ASHB dairy shed that flows well and 750 quiet cross breed cows calving in Autumn (200) and Spring (550). Our’s is a well set up property with a strong emphasis on keeping staff safe and happy. Our working roster of 8/2 8/3 5/2 means our 4 full time staff are well rested and get good family time! We challenge ourselves to think outside the square by pushing boundaries and trying new ideas. A source of pride is the number of staff that have moved up to higher roles both within the group and outside! “I started at Blythe 3 years ago and have gained the skills to step into an Assistant Manager’s role on a bigger farm in the Hopkins Group” 2015/16 Blythe Farm staff member was the winner of the John Todd Farm Assistant of the year at the annual Hopkins Farming Group awards night.


Manager: Javier Pardo-Diaz 

Based only 25km south of Palmerston North and a couple of minutes’ drive from the Tokomaru Village, which has its own kindergarten and primary school, Tokomaru Farm reaps the rewards of being close enough to town but still enjoying the country life. The Tokomaru River is a well-known swimming spot, offers good trout fishing and conveniently runs through the farm. Calving 600 spring cows and 300 autumn cows, with a target of 350,000kg of milk solids. Tokomaru use a medium input system over 315ha with a 60 bale rotary shed and feed pad. Tokomaru Farm pride themselves on having the lowest Somatic Cell Count (SCC) of all the Hopkins Farming Group farms, averaging below 100,000 SCC per season over the last four years. Tokomaru reached a NZ top 3% ranking in 2014 as well as gaining two Grade Free Certificates. Tokomaru won the John Hopkins Supreme Farm Award in 2014 for the highest return on capital and have continued develop staff that have progressed their careers through the group and outside the group.


Manager: Riaan Lamprecht 

Torunui is the most Southern farm in the Hopkins Farming Group. It is a flat farm situated in Opiki, in the lowest point of the Opiki basin. Located 20 km from Palmerston North. The farm is a 194 ha effective area with center pivot irrigation on 148 ha, so we are at lower risk through drought. We milk 650 cross breed cows through a 38 aside herringbone shed, utilizing two feed pads side by side and two silage bunkers. We make all supplements on the dairy platform and is run on a grass ony system. Torunui targets 235,000 kg/milk solids, at an average of 385 milk solids per cow. The staff on Torunui consists of a developing team; Manager, 2IC and Farm Assistant, with a dedicated calf rearer and relief milkers to cover rostered days off and annual leave. We run a 12 on 2 off and 11 on 3 off roster which works well for our team.


Manager: Colin Thompson 

Kohunui is a beautiful 646 ha property at the top of the Kawhatau Valley. The property has 260 ha of flat land, 180 ha of hills with areas of native bush and scrub, 124 ha of regenerated scrub and 82 ha running into the Ruahine ranges of native bush. It has free draining Kiwitea silt loam soil. This a support block for the dairy farms, running the autumn heifers for the southern farms and also carrying spring heifers from various farms. We purchase empty cows which are mated and sent back to various farms. We aim to winter 1,000 cows, feeding them on triticale and kale which is grown on the property. The bulls are farmed here and leased out to the farms for autumn and spring mating. Kohunui is run by a full time manager with support of a part time worker and staff from the farms within the group when available. Kohunui offers some seasonal challenges but provides a great lifestyle for people who enjoy the outdoors with great access to walking tracks, hunting, trout fishing and we are also an access way to huts in the Ruahine ranges with permission required seasonally.


Manager: Max Sturt

Wakarara is a 100ha support block located in the Tuki Tuki catchment near Onga Onga.
The property is partially irrigated and used for growing crops and wintering cows.


Manager: Tim Hopkins

Tahuna is a 375ha property near Bulls
Approximately 230ha of the property is irrigated with the soil being a mix of coastal sands.
The property is primarily a wintering block and also used to rear replacement stock.